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Quarterly updates to stay in touch with family, biological and chosen

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Dec '21 Update

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Happy New Year Fam,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy.

What follows is a brief update of my last five months. As you know, i write these updates to stay connected with family—biological and chosen—and love hearing your updates in response. Cheers to a brighter year ahead!


I moved back to Colorado just before my last update in July, and have been living here since. I deferred law school again [third time's a charm] to finish my book, and moved to CO to help make it happen. Limiting distractions (social and political) has made a big difference in my productivity in recent months. It’s also come with the benefit of spending quality time with my parents—moments i’m not taking for granted. Work on the book is slow, but rewarding. Every aspect takes longer than i expect, but i’m enjoying the journey. As you’ve likely noticed, part of that journey included building this website to house the book’s content moving forward. As part of that, i’ve decided to transition my old blog here. My goal is to complete and sell the manuscript before beginning law school in the fall—hopefully my forthcoming updates will reflect that progress.

Fam Brekky

New Jobs

This fall i began two new positions. While both have absorbed more time from book writing than expected, i’m thoroughly enjoying both.

Richman Law & Policy

Richman Law & Policy is a social justice law firm specializing in consumer-protection impact litigation. In short, we sue corporations for their false and misleading advertising, particularly with regards to claims around sustainable and humane business practices. As a member of the Animal Protection team, it has been rewarding to help with cases making an immediate and tangible impact for the welfare of animals across the US and around the world.

Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law

The Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law is writing a forthcoming Animal Rights Law textbook, and they brought me on board to help research and write it. My work has focused on drafting model animal rights law, i.e., the types of policies animal advocates around the world can fight to implement in the years and decades to come. Once complete, the textbook will be taught in over 100 schools across the European Union, and it’s an honor to work on a project that will empower Europe’s next generation of animal rights lawyers.


The Liberation Pledge

A main focus of my 2021 activism was developing work around the Liberation Pledge. The Liberation Pledge entails a commitment to never eat around those consuming animal-based foods. I’m a strong advocate of the Pledge, and (amongst other avenues) have sought to explain and promote it through:

You can learn more about the Pledge—and share these resources with others—here.

California Arrest

In September i invited my parents to the Animal Liberation Conference in Oakland. It was special to introduce them to the activists i spent the previous year living amongst, and to watch their growth through the panels attended and friendships made. My highlight (or perhaps better put, the experience I’ll never forget), was getting arrested alongside my parents in front of Gov. Newsom's mansion (second photo) and processed together through the Sacramento County Jail. (You can learn more about the action in this Op-Ed). Having parental support for my past arrests was one thing (and something i’ll never take for granted); seeing their support grow to the point of risking the same fate was more beautiful than i can put into words.


Despite moving to Colorado to focus on work, i was able to squeeze in a few non-activism extracurriculars.

Baja Beach Fest

In August i attended Baja Beach Fest outside of Tijuana, Mexico. The event—essentially a massive beach party—was the largest Reggaeton music festival to date, and it did not disappoint. Since moving to Colombia in 2018 Reggaeton has grown into my favorite genre (and guilty pleasure), and i danced my socks off.

Vail & Denver Trip

October and November i buckled down with work, happily eschewing sociality and keeping a strict work schedule. Knowing i had a fun trip planned in early December made that easy. I spent the better part of two weeks with a partner of mine in Vail and Denver, and we had a great time.


Most of my 2020 and 2021 was plagued with personal injuries. However, i made some breakthroughs with physical therapy in recent months, and am feeling the healthiest I’ve been since 2019. It’s been amazing getting back into my yoga and workout practices, and i’m excited to really dig into them in 2022.

I did, however, catch Covid in mid-December, and have been struggling through it in the two weeks since [fwiw, i received my second vaccine in March, but was not boosted]. I’m finally feeling healthy enough to write this update, and at the moment that feels like a big win. Here’s to hoping you each stay Covid-free in 2022, and that we can begin referencing the pandemic in the past tense this time next year

Sending Love,


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